Anna Elizabeth Kendrick is a modern day old-fashioned jazz songbird and composer. She revisits the spirit of the earlier decades of the last century in her song-writing and singing style, particularly embracing the 30's, 40's and 50's. She accompanies her own originals with lovable standards and lesser known standards that you will come to love in her performances. Her arsenal of songs range from sophisticated to bluesy to cabaret-esque. Anna has a penchant for honest, clever lyrics and catchy, melodic music, whether it is her own writing or someone else's. She takes inspiration from the likes of Cole Porter, Peggy Lee, Marilyn Monroe, Harold Arlen, June Christy and Julie London, to name a few.

Anna Elizabeth Kendrick started singing and taking voice lessons as a child and after. She began writing jazz music in her early teens, and chose to live out her dream when she moved to New York and started performing her own music and jazz standards in many various venues, such as "Flute Midtown," “Winnie's Jazz Bar,” “Tomi Jazz,” "Flute Beekman," "Flute East," "Flute Gramercy," "Swing 46," "Tagine Dining Gallery," "Somethin' Jazz Club" (formerly known as "Mile's Cafe")," and many more!

Anna has studied in New York with the highly reputable vocal instructor Katie Agresta. Ms. Agresta's most notable students are Bon Jovi, Annie Lennox and Cyndi Lauper.

Ms. Kendrick is currently performing in her own jazz/pop solo shows for 14 years and counting with her band The Hot Plates who consist of various and regular rotating jazz artists since 2009.

They include Mark Capon on guitar,  Jon B. Roche on bass, Nori Naraoke on bass, Marc Daine on lead guitar or saxophone, and also Mike Weatherly or Christian Fabian as bass players. Jeevan D'Souza has played and recorded on piano/keyboard or rhythm guitar and Anton Vittal has played on lead guitar or bass. Also Kyle Schweizer has performed and recorded with Anna on saxophone or clarinet and Serge Terentev and Keith Dorgan have been drummers. 

Anna also ocasionally guest sings for friends. She has guest sung with Ian Kane and his "Red-Hot Blues" band, formerly known as the "Boogie Stride Trio" and also has guest sung with "The Hot Sardines" and "The Virginia Marcs Band," and she occasionally has guest singers and musicians at her own shows as well. Anna is open to collaborating with more musicians and performing in more venues! To date Anna has performed at 21 New York venues and counting.

Anna's 1st album "In Out of The Rain" was released on April 9th, 2013 and is available on Cd Baby, iTunes and many more sites. See "links" in order to view or purchase it. She joined the Recording Academy in 2013 and "In Out of The Rain" made it through to the 1st round ballot of the 2014 56th Grammy's.

Her 2nd album "Old-Fashioned Gal" came out on August 18th, 2017 and is also available on CDBaby and the other sites that it partners with too!

Some of Ms. Kendrick's personal quotes are:
 “Saucy and sassy, but always classy”
"If the Yankees were good enough for Marilyn Monroe then they're good enough for me"
"I'm like Doris Day, but in a modern way"
"Your best accessory is your smile"

"Aim To Please"